After decades of research, working to bottle perfection, we arrive with our second HS Chardonnay. Hail Mary. It’s a game changer.

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Tor’s Note: I have a confession: I am a Chardonnay fanatic. First, it was white Burgundies; then the Chardonnays grown in the finest, coolest wine-growing appellations of California that pushed serious buttons. They still do after a half century of ripping thousands of corks with the great winemakers in Burgundy and California, good friends, and family. After decades of research, working to bottle perfection, we arrive with our second H.S. Chardonnay. Hail Mary. It’s a game changer.

Hyde vineyard with Chris Hyde and others

Winemaking: Made solely from the famous Hyde Selection from both the Hyde and Beresini vineyards that TOR has been fortunate to work with. This wine shows the best attributes of these two amazing sites with the floral qualities of the Hyde vineyard and the added richness of the Beresini vineyard. A true testament to Larry Hyde’s foresight and dedication to the Wente clone.

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: A wine that is truly a sum of all its parts. Our H.S. Chardonnay is a blend of our best barrels from hallowed ground in Carneros. “Balance” perfectly describes the texture, acidity and length of our smallest production white wine. Incredibly aromatic for Chardonnay, with notes of lemon blossom, brioche, stone fruit and Earl Grey abound. The minerality of petrichor and gun flint compliments the fruit in harmony, with a finish that just keeps on going. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Vintage: Winemaker Jeff Ames and Tor Kenward have collectively witnessed over 70 harvests, and cannot compare 2022 to any of them. Some winemakers said it was four vintages in one, with the wild swings in temperature, small crop, and small picking windows made it one we call “ a winemaker’s year”. Those who nailed the right picking windows made exceptional wines. In particular, our 8 blocks in Beckstoffer To Kalon have never looked better. A winemaker’s and wine grower’s year. Experience made all the difference.