This vineyard is an extension of the man, Larry Hyde.

2019 HS Chard

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This vineyard is an extension of the man, Larry Hyde. For three decades he has had an intimate relationship with each vine in his vineyard, and in the process has built an international reputation as one of the best growers in the world. His research papers on plant (clonal material) are reference points for our industry. He is a humble man, very dry of wit, has a good appetite for excellent food and wine, and likes the company of sincere winemakers and growers. We are in a small section of the vineyard in the rolling hills of Carneros, planted to what he calls his ‘Small Cluster Clone.’ I stood in line for these grapes for 14 years, and I think you will agree the wait was well worth it. Not much crop from these vines, but stunning wine. Only three barrels.

Hyde vineyard with Chris Hyde and others

Made solely from the famous Hyde selection from both the Hyde and Beresini vineyards that Tor has been fortunate to be able to work with. This wine shows the best attributes of these 2 amazing sites with the floral qualities of the Hyde vineyard and the additional richness of the Beresini vineyard. A true testament to Larry Hyde’s foresight and dedication to the Wente clone.

The 2019 Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay shows its classic floral nose with honeysuckle, sea spray, lemon curd and tangerine. As is typical the Hyde is more of a medium weight wine whose elegance allows it to be paired with any type of sea food that there is but especially Dungeness crab. A model of understated elegance and class, the Hyde Chardonnay just why we love this cool site so much.

Might go down as one of the greats -however, I did hear from some winemakers how very long the vintage played out, and bone ass tired some were when it finally ended. But quality loves long, long vintages with lots of hang time, and 2018 had hang time. It all began in late February and went deep into October.