Chasing Windmills

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Grenache has kept us on our toes for a few decades. We’ve traveled all over California in search of gold like argonauts of old. Or a better image, like Don Quixote we’ve suited up, jumped on our steads, set our eyesights to the horizon and charged. But, this the end of the road for us as winemakers of Grenache. And we’re going out with a bang – straight collision with a windmill, spinning in a windstorm. Not the prettiest picture – but it has impact.

Located on the West side of Paso Robles, the Fulldraw vineyard is a 100-acre site in the Templeton Gap. When Connor McMahon planted his vineyard, he understood that the site, with it’s unique soil and cooling maritime influences, would be a place where the Rhone varietals would thrive. He takes every step to make his wine world class and what comes from the vineyard reflects his commitment. The soil is very high in limestone (Lopez-Calodo) and deep. This is a rare soil type that likes Grenache. The Clone is 136, and planted on a 420A rootstock. It is north facing, sloped 20 degrees, and drains like a sieve. Ideal everything for Grenache.

We added what we like to call a little touch of “pepper” to the sauce with 2% Syrah from Fulldraw. This gives the wine lift and a little color. We also aged it for twenty eight months in Darnajou puncheons that were used one vintage prior to age our Beckstoffer To Kalon Cabernet Franc. As always this wine is unfiltered and unfined.

A powerful and sophisticated Grenache, The 2017 Chasing Windmills combines a full spectrum of flavor and texture, seamlessly balanced and long lived on the palate. Aromas of deep dried strawberry and cherry are sounded by pure stick spice and rose pedal components. Flirtatious and pure this wine has a bouquet that seems unfold from the glass in a warm and genuine way. The palate is pure dark red fruits and, coca a subtle citrus mineral note that lifts and draws the senses through a rolling cascade of flavors. There is a focus and elegance to this wine that is elevated and alluring. A beautiful example of new world Grenache done right.