A legend and a legacy in the making...

Real magic cannot be explained or reasoned. It is astonishing and challenges our imagination. It is in this wine. Here is the essence of Cabernet Sauvignon co-fermented with Petit Verdot, blended with perhaps Napa’s best Cabernet Franc making it as black as a moonless Napa Valley night. It will not be made every year, only those years when we feel a special presence. For Black Magic you need not, should not, know more.

Our greatest pleasure is to walk through the cellars and taste barrel by barrel. It’s rare, but sometimes one barrel will stop us in our tracks. In all the barrel lots made from our legendary sites, seldom more than three or four accomplish this in any given year. These distinct barrels, of course, all hail from Napa Valley’s greatest vineyards. There is no rhyme or reason why these singular barrels come together to defy the laws of nature. It’s a phenomenon that can’t be fully explained. True magic.

“For Black Magic, you need not – and should not – know more.”

—Tor Kenward

Profound aromatic layers of black fruits, anise, black tea, clove, cinnamon, exotic spices and dark chocolate. Incredibly sumptuous, dense, rich, opulent and viscous with so many textures and layers, svelte, expansive tannins, and a finish that goes on forever. Incredible potential for greatness in the cellar.

It will be one of those vintages that will be discussed for decades to come. The wines we made are beautiful, our highest-scoring Chardonnays to-date as well as Cabernets and Proprietary Reds that are reflective of great vintages, with early barrel scores into potential 100-point range. Our reds have excellent extract; layered, downright sexy wines that have the structure to live a long time. I taste the wines and marvel. It was a very wet spring, over 30 inches of rain in January and February alone. Spring bloom and set went smoothly, and we rolled into the summer with heat spikes in July, late August, and early September. By early October all the Chardonnays were in and the Cabernets were reaching optimum maturity. We dropped a lot of fruit in 2017, a cluster per shoot in To Kalon, and in part because of this, we had all our fruit in by mid-October. Then came the fire, which had no influence on our wines, but changed all our lives. The wines themselves are rays of sunlight when I reflect on 2017.