…literally the best barrels in Tor’s red-wine cellar. This is a fabulous wine, as one might expect… ROBERT M. PARKER, JR., THE WINE ADVOCATE

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Tor’s greatest pleasure as a vintner is to walk through the cellars and taste barrel by barrel. It’s rare, but sometimes one barrel will stop him in his tracks. Profound aromatic layers, incredible depth, density and viscosity, svelte textures, and a finish that goes on forever. In all the barrel lots made from our legendary sites, seldom more than three or four accomplish this in any given year.

Black Magic bottle

These distinct barrels, of course, all hail from Napa Valley’s greatest Cabernet vineyards. There is no rhyme or reason why these singular barrels come together to defy the laws of nature. It’s a phenomenon that can’t be fully explained. True magic.