“We thrive on the strength of our team. We hope everyone feels the time-honored craft of making wine and the love and care and attention that goes into each vintage and invested in each bottle.”

Susan is all about keeping it simple and sensible without it looking as if you are trying too hard.

Her path has taken her from the culinary to the fashion to the beauty worlds in a series of creative endeavors. She and a partner opened a Hampton’s specialty store called Loaves and Fishes, which won many kudos. Susan has written five cookbooks, receiving two James Beard Awards.

In 1985, Susan’s reputation as a food and lifestyle writer had earned her an assignment to interview a woman winemaker in Napa Valley who then introduced her to the man she would marry, Tor.

In 1991 she started Flora Napa Valley and Olivina, a fragrance and body care line based on the scents and ingredients of the Napa Valley. “I easily fell in love with the Napa Valley, it is the perfect parade of the posh and the down-to-earth, farmers and sophisticates.”