“I am brimming with gratitude for the opportunity to extend a message exemplified by Tor & Susan: take heart, for it will serve you well on your personal journey into wine culture. The connections, stories and memories our wines encourage will provide a string of moments to live for.”

Harry Oranges is a concept-oriented storyteller dedicated to wine culture and service who has been a part of the dynamic Napa Valley landscape since his arrival in 2010. His time as a character actor for Disneyland primed his talent for hospitality and memorable experiences. Harry earned accolades as a Concierge at Auberge du Soleil and Bardessono Hotel, curating itineraries for luxury resort guests while cultivating relationships with family-owned wineries and vineyards.

In 2014, he entered the wine industry as the Brand Experience Manager for Long Meadow Ranch, collaborating with marketing, culinary, and hospitality teams to seed the Hall family’s story of excellence through organic farming. Harry began working for the Renteria Family in 2016 and launched Tres Perlas, a collection of rare production wines sold exclusively direct to consumer, celebrating the family’s journey from farm workers to vintners in an epic that spans three generations.

In the starring role of Hospitality & Direct Sales for TOR Wines, Harry Oranges will present a heartfelt connection to new and existing clients with character, vibrancy, and passion aligned with the signature spirit of the Kenward Family.

When he’s not selling wine Harry is often hiking a trail or cutting through a dance floor. The light of his life is his daughter Matilda, a darling testament to growing Oranges in Napa Valley.