Blended from all of our Cabernet Sauvignon sources, this wine proves the sum is equally astonishing as the parts.

We make this wine only when we’re convinced that the blend is every bit as brilliant as any of our single-vineyard bottlings. To get there, we taste through all of our vineyards, each fermented in individual lots: To Kalon, Melanson, Tierra Roja, Cimarossa, Herb Lamb, and Vine Hill Ranch. Our goal is not to make the most massive wine of the vintage, but to blend a complete and complex wine that shows the best qualities of both the vintage and the fruit of each vineyard.

2014 was especially kind to Pritchard Hill. The Melanson Vineyard predominates in this blend, rounded out by smaller percentages of the others. The Melanson base wine sat on its skins for a little over 15 days, with a maximum of two pump-overs a day.

“A fantastic introduction to both the 2014 vintage and TOR Cabernet Sauvignons.”

—Jeff Ames

The Napa Valley Cabernet once again shows what was best about the 2014 vintage, with sweet, forward fruit. The palate is medium-to-full weight with very round and unobtrusive tannins. The wine shows a great mix of both red and black fruits, with red cherries, blueberries, black raspberries and bright, focusing acidity.