In the best years, such as 2021, we produce a wine whose sum exceeds its parts. We call this wine Pure Magic.

Great wines sometimes require risk and leaps of faith. Both of these paths led us to Pure Magic, which is based on co-fermenting Bordeaux-style varietals.

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Tor’s Note: In 2001, the TOR house was built and stood on the foundation of single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons from very special blocks in vineyards we consider among Napa Valley’s finest. Great wines sometimes require risk and a leap of faith. Both paths led us to our first Pure Magic wines, based on co-fermenting Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot with Cabernet Sauvignon from a single vineyard. The decision is made only when the grapes are picked, not before or after, and it’s based on a winemaker’s instinct honed through decades of experience. It is a gamble because the decision cannot be reversed, the genie cannot return to the lamp. In the best years, our genie grants our wish with a wine whose sum exceeds its parts. In those years, we call this wine – Pure Magic.

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: 2021 Pure Magic is again a co-fermentation, this vintage being Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The profile is an outlier amongst the vintage, with an exuberance, overt flesh and showiness that separates it from the herd. The blue and black fruit emanate from the glass, with bountiful blackberries, black tea, blueberries, and baking spices, leading to a tremendously long, silky finish. A true magic trick.

Vintage Report: The 2021 growing season began with January, February, and March rains totaling close to eight inches. The ground water led to more canopy than the previous warm 2020, but all of our sites are well drained and did not need significant canopy management. The vines were healthy but crop set was small, 20%-25% off normal, less than the previous four years. The summer was dry, no significant rains until October. By harvest, the clusters were uniformly small, provided high skin to juice ratio, giving us wines with structure wrapped around a core of dense fruit. In the barrel, these wines evolved slowly. After 20 months in barrel, the wines represent what we consider an outstanding Napa Valley vintage.

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Cooper Kenward – Editor
Robby Piantanida – Director of Photography and Colorist