After 15 years working with this vineyard, I keep thinking it can’t get any better, and every year I’m proven wrong. JEFF AMES

TOR 2018 Cimarossa

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From red dirt high atop Howell Mountain, this Cabernet Sauvignon is a consistent marvel. Bellissima.

Cimarossa Vineyard

Genoa native Dino Dina christened his Howell Mountain vineyard Cimarossa (pronounced Chim-a-rossa), Italian for “red hilltop.” A very special site indeed, where grapes and olive trees grow side by side in soil composed primarily of red volcanic rock and dust. Not much can be cultivated on these steep slopes, rising from 1,800 to 2,300 feet in elevation. The grape clusters are small, the berries are tiny, and the flavors are deep.

Cimarossa Vineyard Map
appellationHowell Mountain, Napa Valley
soilRed volcanic Boomer soils, weathered metavolcanic and igneous rocks
climateCool high altitude, more sun above the fog line
topographyMountain site at 2,100 feet; steep, rocky terraced slopes
vinesBlock 10 is one of the steepest in this complex vineyard, which is shaped like a volcanic cone; Cabernet Sauvignon clone 337

The wines from this site are true Howell Mountain Cabernet. They are not to drink immediately; rather demand and deserve full attention. These wines of structure, immense depth, and richness will come into their own with age.