A Napa Valley native, Elizabeth Robertis was raised with an early exposure to the wine industry.

Her Father, David Hudgins, has been a grower in the Valley since 1975. Elizabeth grew up on a large vineyard at the top of Spring Mountain and recalls having to help prune the vines in the winter for her allowance. She enjoyed getting up before dawn to ride around on the grape trucks and watch all of the action at harvest.

“Having fallen in love with the special terroir of Napa Valley when I was young, I am honored to be part of the team at TOR. It is a winery I have always admired for its illustrious pursuit of pure single vineyard expression.”

Prior to joining TOR, Robertis started her own marketing, strategy and DTC consultancy firm, Robertis Consulting, where she worked with noted brands, including K Laz Wine Collection, Steltzner Vineyards, The Heron House and Bench Vineyards. She was the General Manager of Arrow & Branch and the Director of Sales and Marketing for OVID. Napa Valley. Robertis has ten years of public relations experience working both at Constellation Wines US and Walt Disney Studios. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo.