A legend and a legacy in the making...

Quite simply the essence of Cabernet Sauvignon, black as a moonless Napa Valley night. We don’t make it every year, only when we sense a special presence in the vintage. Real magic cannot be explained or reasoned. It is astonishing and challenges our imagination. It is in this wine.

“For Black Magic, you need not – and should not – know more.”

—Tor Kenward

The 2015 Black Magic is a more than worthy heir to the 2014. An upstart, it may be a touch more dense and rich than its predecessor. Once again we blended it from only the best barrels in the cellar, regardless of what part of the valley they hail from. This year’s version pushes thick and rich to the absolute limit, cresting atop a tidal wave of black fruits, mocha, cassis and Christmas spices. The balance is perfect and the finish almost endless.